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True Blue 6"X9" Adhesive Peel & Stick Targets - 10 Pack (5521) (TMP-TR-022)

True Blue 6"x9" Adhesive Peel & Stick Shooting Targets

  • Developed for high visibility under all light conditions
  • 6" adhesive target with 10 convenient pasters per sheet
  • 1" grid and ¼" micro grid for fine tuning your rifle or pistol scope

The True Blue adhesive targets were developed specifically for high visibility under low light or direct light conditions. The specially formulated bright blue ink gives you a clear down range image in low light situations such as shooting at dusk hours. They are also made with vellum shine free paper which provides greatly reduced glare in direct sunlight situations.

Thompson's line of convenient peel & stick adhesive targets are also made with an extra strong adhesive backing ideal for placement on just about any surface.

Each target also includes 10 pasters for bullseye replacement and extending the life of your shooting targets.