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Dead Center Shooting Targets - 9"X12" Paper - 12 Pack (4501) (TMP-TR-008)

DEAD CENTER™ 9"x12" Paper Shooting Targets

  • Shoot faster and cleaner with dead center accuracy
  • Perfect shooting target for pistol or rifle iron sights
  • Ultra bright red & white design for down range visibility

The unique triangular wedge design of Thompson's DEAD-CENTER gives you the ability to pull up on center much faster than conventional bullseye targets. This distinctive design keeps the area below center point of aim clear giving you a clean field of view for aligning front and rear sights. The "V" shape naturally draws your eye into the center point of the bullseye. No matter what time of gun sight you're using, Dead Center provides the optimum visual for sight picture alignment. 

Designed for handguns and rifles at 25 yards to 400 yards.