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HALO Self-Adhesive 4-4" Bullseyes 8.5"X11" Reactive Targets - 10 Pack (7042) (TMP-TR-011)

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HALO 4" Self-Adhesive Reactive Shooting Targets

  • 40 - 4" HALOTM reactive targets with Bigger Burst technology
  • Strong adhesive targets stick to nearly any surface
  • Better contrast for high visibility

HALO series adhesive splatter targets allow you to place a reactive target on just about anything down range. Get the most out of your shooting range time with HALO reactive targets that allow the shooter to easily see hits even at long range. Whether you're shooting pistols or rifles, choose Thompson HALO targets for the highest visibility.  

High contrast bullseye for clear easy to see feedback on shot placement even from long distance. THOMPSON HALO™ Targets are printed on a special high quality paper, that when hit, the ink instantly bursts around the bullet hole revealing a bright white halo, making all your shots easy to spot.