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HALO Bullseye 3" Reactive Splatter 8.5"X11" Targets - 10 Pack (4612) (TMP-TR-010)

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HALO Bullseye 5-3" Reactive Splatter 8.5"x11" Shooting Targets

  • BIGGER BURSTS! With new HALO reactive target technology
  • Provides 5 vivid aim points with highly visible reactive feedback

You get five 3" reactive splatter targets per sheet with high contrast black and white for easily spotting your shots even from long range. Whether you're shooting rifle or pistol, HALO targets allow you to get more from your range time with crisp clear bullet hole marking.  

THOMPSON HALO™ Targets are printed on a special high quality card stock, that when hit, the ink instantly bursts around the bullet hole revealing a bright white halo, making all your shots easy to spot.