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Hot Shot Paper Shooting Targets - 9"X12" - 12 Pack (8926) (TMP-TR-006)

Regular price $6.99

The 4" white bulls and bright red background make shot spotting easier. Get more aim points on every target with the 5 bullseye design. Made in the U.S.A. Thompson's classic HOT SHOT target is designed to make spotting all your shots easier. The white bulls on this target allow you to spot on target shots while the bright red background makes it easy to see misses. These targets are great for scopes or close range pistol shooting. 1 - 4" and 4 - 2" bullseyes give you 5 total aim points on every target allowing you to spend more time shooting your rifle or pistol and less time changing targets down range. Designed for handguns and rifles at distances of 25 to 100 yards.