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Scope Alignment / Sight-In 9"X12" Paper Shooting Targets - 12 Pack (3331) (TMP-TR-001)

SCOPE Alignment/Sight-In 9"x12" Targets for Shooting

  • Align your rifle or pistol scope by easily locking-in on the center point
  • 1" grid for making accurate optics adjustments

Thompson's SCOPE targets with unique angular design enable you to register the crosshairs within the target and accurately lock-in on the center point. Most other targets force you to block the center point with the crosshairs, defeating the purpose.

This progressive SIGHT-SEERS™ target has a bright, highly visible center point for precise registration whether you're using a 2-power or 20-power scope at 50 yards or 300 yards. Bright red and white target includes 1" grid.

Recommended for distances of 50 to 150 yards.