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Shot Spotter Orange - Adhesive Shooting Targets - 6"X9" - 10 Pack (5504) (TMP-TR-016)

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No more tacks or tape. Just peel, stick, and start shooting! Ultra bright fluorescent orange for easy visibility. Adhesive 6" bullseye, 2 bullseye replacements, and 8 pasters. Made in the U.S.A. Stop messing with staples or tape! Easily place a target on just about any surface with extra strong adhesive. Thompson's SHOT-SPOTTER self-adhesive targets give you the extra advantage of a brilliant color contrast between the target and the bullet hole making it easier to spot-the-shot even from long distance. Targets are available in four intense colors: pink, green, orange, and yellow. With a 6" bullseye, 2 bullseye replacements, and 8 pasters, you get more shooting out of every target! Plus with the vibrant Thompson Target colors you can easily see your pistol or rifle sights and bullet strikes from down range.