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Scope Alignment 6"X9" Adhesive Peel & Stick Targets - 10 Pack (3030) (TMP-TR-019)

Scope Alignment 6"x9" Adhesive Peel & Stick Shooting Targets

  • The optimum graphic for aligning rifle & pistol scopes
  • 6" adhesive target with 10 pasters per sheet
  • Strong high quality adhesive backing

Thompson’s SCOPE self-adhesive targets are perfect for sighting in your scope at any distance. The unique pie cut layout and square center point provides the optimum visual for crosshair alignment. Bright white center point contrasted with bright red for enhanced sight-to-target alignment. Most other targets force you to block the center point with the crosshairs, defeating the purpose.

SCOPE long-life self-adhesives can be used just about anywhere quickly and easily. Target has a 1” grid and ¼" micro grid for faster easier rifle and pistol scope adjustment.

No more hammers, tacks or tape. Just Stick-Um-Up and start shooting!