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Center-Fire 6"X9" Adhesive Peel & Stick Targets - 10 Pack (5564) (TMP-TR-021)

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Ultra bright fluorescent green for superior down range visibility. 6" adhesive target with 10 convenient pasters per sheet. Strong high quality adhesive backing. Made in the U.S.A. Thompson's CENTER-FIRE self-adhesive targets give you the extra advantage of a brilliant color contrast between the target and the bullet hole making it easier to see your sights on the down range image and to spot-the-shot. Bright fluorescent green center point contrasted by a neon red bull for enhanced sight-to-target alignment. CENTER-FIRE long-life, self-adhesives can also be used as pasters to patch over bullet holes on CENTER-FIRE DEFENDER targets to extend target life. No more hammers, tacks or tape. Just Stick-Um-Up and start shooting!