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Diana 48-PG4 STEEL HO Tune Kit (VTK-MA-007)

A THICKER, heavier machined Steel outer-guide that brings beam strength IN-LINE quickly dampend shot harmonics with two synthetic internal damping guides. Both near equal length including our NEW machined 1 pc HELICAL GUIDE slip fitted into a high-yield, open-coil spring wire. This design allows use of both end coils for more accurate power output across same product line. As well as providing the user an easier cocking effort at full power output!  This kit eingineered for all calibers small and large, old and new Diana trigger arrangement. Will not over shoot older warn tolerance of compression tube. We also offer custom mfg spring coil count, more or less power output at no addition cost. ~Very quick, liner firing movement consistent deviations shot after shot. EZ installation!

Performance: High Output (HO)
High-Ouput full power up to 23ft/lbs
1200+fps(.17cal)365 m/s CP7.9g
840fps(.22cal) 255 m/s 13g (tin pellet) 
1100ps(22 cal) 320m/s 9.56g (tin pellet) 23FT/LB
825fps (22 cal) 252m/s 14.5g (Lead pellet) 21ft/bs

  • (PG4sProGuide4-STEEL drop-in Kit
  • High Yield valve wire open-end power spring
  • Triple guides with Helical 
  • Lubrication for damping of metal, plastic and seals 
  • (Highly Recommed Vortek Vac-SEAL30) optional