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Remington Ruger Piston Seals (VTK-MA-029)

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Precision CNC machined from tough Ureathane, molybdenum disulfide impregnated material that will provide
Long-life permaently lubricated.

Vortek ProSEAL28-M advantages surpass Oring type seals and theres no need for special, expensive super lubes required like MicroLubro226, Krylox205-226, etc.
Our precision machined PS28-M seal will comform excellent compression sealing during dynamic sealing in non honed/honed tubes.
Further, it performs excellent power sealing in over and under size compression tubes.

Designed and precision machined for maximum sealing and Extra-dampening fitting the following Air Gun Models:

Fits following models:
Panther 31.
Diana 280.
Diana 300.
Diana 24 T03, T04, T05.
Diana 26 T03, T04, T05.
Diana 28 T03, T04, T05.
Diana 350 magnum
Diana 460 magnum
Diana 470 magnum
Diana 34 - All models
Diana -45-T01 models
Diana 36 - All models
Diana 38 - All models
Diana 48 - All models
Diana 52 - All models
Diana 54 - All models
Diana 56 - All models
Diana 60
Diana 66
Diana 75, 75T01.

Remington/Ruger AirHawk
and to other air guns with 28mm original pistonseal.