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HW30-PG4-STEEL SHO Tune Kit (VTK-MA-008)

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*** Manufactured STEEL Body PRO-GUIDE3 STEEL tune kit provides another level to damping spring noise while increasing performance!With its  new mass, weighted rear retainment guide, stiffer beam strengh the new PG4-Guides STEEL quickly counters  movement deading spring firing noise. The Inner guide arrangments are machined slip-fitted into spring with 3rd guide "top-Hat" having exact spring fitting pitch allowing spring a thread like fit apond firing. The spring with open coils  allows use of all coils for more accurate output across product line. Further, the DiY tuner has two power options and an option allowing the tuner a easy method to cuting spring for finer tuning. 

SHO SuperHigh Output for all calibers, improves larger caliber outputs~.20 and .22, 10.5ft/lbs
525fps(.22cal)/160m/s CP14.35g
710fps(.22cal)/212 m/s G9.56g
Very smooth shooting, steel damping no jump!

Fitting HW30 Air Rifles 
  • PG4 ProGuide4 drop-in module
  • High Yield valve wire power spring
  • Triple guides
  • Lubrication for metal, plastic and seals 
  • Very EZ cocking