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Diana 34 PG4-STEEL Tune-Kit HO (VTK-MA-003)

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Manufactured STEEL Body PRO-GUIDE4 STEEL tune kit provides another level to damping. With its  new mass, weighted rear retainment guide, stiffer beam strengh the new PG4-STEEL Guide  quickly counters  movement deading spring firing noise. The Inner guide arrangment is machined slip-fitted into spring and the 3rd guide "top-Hat" has the exact spring fitting pitch allowing spring a thread like firm tighter 360 degree fit apond firing. The spring with open coils allows use of all coils for more accurate output across product line. Further, the DiY tuner has option of cuting spring for finer tuning. The new PG4-Guides have a near fit to its power grid with a heavier, stiffer guide adding mass for better sound deadening.


High-Ouput full power up to 20ft/lbs/27 Joules
*1200fps(.17cal)/390 m/s CP7.9g
*730fps(.22cal)/220m/s G14.33CP (Lead pellet) (17ft/lbs)
*950fps(.22cal)/308 m/s G9.56g (tin pellet) (19ft/lbs)

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Contents of Tune Kit:   
  • High Yield valve wire power spring
  • Lubrication for metal, plastic and seals