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Knockdown Target (DBA-TR-001)

Double Action Targets Competition Series - Single Action Knockdown Target Kit

Size = 6" in diameter. 

An ideal self-sealing polymer target and base for safe shooting on any range (indoor or outside) and at any distance!

These White, full ½” thick Polymer targets, accurately simulate the color of steel targets used in Steel Challenge and IPSC / USPSA competitions.  Their thickness captures more energy from the bullet, providing for a more consistent knockdown effect.

“Best in industry” durability for reliable performance even after hundreds of rounds.

The innovative base design allows for mounting on any upright or horizontal 2x4 for compatibility with common target stands.  The base allows targets to fully drop, eliminating bending, which is common to other polymer knockdown targets.

The base can be mounted to allow the target to swing free for a positive reaction without the need to reset after each hit. (See our Video for a more detailed overview)

Each Kit includes a target, base, and adjustment screw. Mounting hardware (screws) not included.  These white targets do not change color, but are made of the same ultra-durable material that Double Action Targets have become known for.  After shooting hundreds of rounds, simply use white spray paint to bring each target back to its original new look.

Rounds pass through without the risk of ricochet or splash-back of bullet fragments

Durable enough to withstand any caliber with round-nose and spire-point ammunition!

Note: the use of hollow-points, flat nose, wad-cutters, and similar projectiles, will dramatically reduce the life of the target.