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Gamo Magnum Jungle .22 1300FPS (GAM-AR-023)

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Gamo’s G-Magnum Jungle has been developed to satisfy the growing market of users that require an accurate, powerful and highly equipped airgun without losing the lightness and compactness of smaller and less powerful weapons. This carbine has been designed with the aim of offering the optimal combination of power, precision and firing comfort.

Gamo's G-Magnum Jungle includes the brand's 3-9X40 scope, which is a great choice for short and medium distance shooting. This adjustable scope together with the brand's recoil reducing rail (RRR™) make a perfect precision shooting set. This carbine has been built in a high durability polymer structure, which includes a tactic-looking thumbhole stock, providing a perfect grip under any circumstances.

.Spring Barrel Length: 19.75"
 Two stage independently adjustable CAT trigger SWA Recoil pad
Weight: 6.88 LBS Length: 49.2"