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Gamo Magnum .177 1650FPS (GAM-AR-020)

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Gamo pulled out all the stops for the Magnum Air Rifle. The features of this rifle are led by the IGT MACH 1 power source. It produces higher velocities, less vibration, is extremely durable and is easy to cock with consistent power which all leads to higher achieved accuracy. The CAT trigger allows you to customize both the first and second stage independently while still maintaining the same overall travel length. The RRR system is designed to reduce almost 100% of the recoil on your scope thus increasing the lifespan of your scope while also improving accuracy. To top it off they have included the SWA recoil pad so you can shoot for as long as you want to, not when your shoulder tells you to stop. The rifled steel barrel provides great accuracy and the all weather stock comes sports a thumbhole design for more ergonomic shooting.

Scope included. 3-9x40 AO Gamo Scope

.177 1650 FPS Recoil reducing Rail
all weather thumbhole stock  Inert gas technology in 33mm Chamber
Two stage custom action trigger Barrel length: 21- 1/3"
Length: 48"

Weight: 7 LBS