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BSA Generic Frontsight Unit Part No. 163194FO

This Frontsight Fits All Current BSA Guns.

Also replaces older style BSA frontsights that are held on with a screw.

This dove tail blade now replaces the element type.

Colour: Black

These sights no longer have the groove to take the front sight protector.

It is possible to file your own groove to take the front sight protector.


This spare fits the following models:

Airsporter Mk 5

Airsporter Mk 6

Airsporter Mk 7

Airsporter RB2

Airsporter Stutzen

Airsporter S Mk 3

Airsporter S Carbine


Mercury Mk 1

Mercury Mk 2

Mercury Mk 3

Mercury Mk 4

Mercury S

Mercury Challenger

Mercury 635 Magnum

Meteor Mk 3

Meteor Mk 4

Meteor Mk 5

Meteor Mk 6

Scorpion Pistol