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BSA Generic Frontsight Hood Part No. 162014

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BSA Frontsight Hood

Fits all BSA ramp style frontsights.

Provides much clearer sight picture.


This spare fits the following models:

Airsporter Mk 1

Airsporter Mk 5

Airsporter Mk 6

Airsporter Mk 7

Airsporter Centenary

Airsporter RB2

Airsporter S Carbine

Airsporter S Mk 3

Airsporter Stutzen

Airsporter RB2


Mercury Mk 1

Mercury Mk 2

Mercury Mk 3

Mercury Mk 4

Mercury S

Mercury Challenger

Mercury 635 Magnum

Meteor Mk 3

Meteor Mk 4

Meteor Mk 5

Meteor Mk 6

Scorpion Pistol