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6" Reactive Target (DBA-TR-002)

6" Diameter hit-indicating reactive Swinging Target

Double Action Polymer Targets, provide the reactive movement of a steel target, without the danger of ricochets and splash-back of bullet fragments. 

These targets provide the durability and portability of the best self-sealing polymer targets, with their Patent-Pending visual feedback to know precisely where you hit.  They change color when hit.  This provides the shooter with precise detail on the location of the hit!

For long range shooting, walk downrange once to hang the target and once to retrieve it. Otherwise, keep shooting! No walking, no taping, no painting.

Temporarily changes color at point of impact to show where you’ve hit, over and over again!

  • Warm weather target provides color-change feedback between 60-105°F
  • Target appears black below 85°F and indicates hits with a yellow/red highlight
  • Target appears red between 85 and 105°F and indicates hits with a yellow highlight

Good for hundreds and hundreds of rounds!

Suitable for all calibers of handguns and rifles. 

6” Diameter target surface with integral 6” mounting strap can be hung or stapled to target stands or backstop material. 

Note: the use of hollow-points, flat nose, wad-cutters, and similar projectiles, will dramatically reduce the life of the target.