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Weihrauch 2x20 pistol scope (9424)(WIR-SC-001)

Regular price $129.99

Designed by an air rifle company for use on air pistols! The Weihrauch 2x20 pistol scope is made with extended eye relief, enabling it to be used comfortable on a pistol extended in front of the shooter. The simple and lightweight design allows it to be mounted with the included 11mm rings to an pistol with a scope rail. Parallax is auto-focus down to a minimum of 10 Meters.

Works with all precharged or CO2 airguns, moderate recoiling piston rifles, and most firearms.

Includes: Dovetail Mounts

 Overall Length: 8.15" Weight: 6.8oz
Eye relief: 12-14" MOA: 1/4"
Reticle: Duplex 2x20 pistol scope