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Titan XS Mainspring Mod 25/5 (TTN-MA-016)

For over 30 years Titan Mainsprings have been supplied worldwide to airgun enthusiasts, professional airgun customisers and the Gun Trade and have established themselves as the top quality mainspring against which all other mainsprings are compared. Only the finest quality Grade 1 Swedish Silicon Chrome Vanadium Spring Steel is used. We use no mass production methods. Every spring is hand wound to an exact specification, then heat treated and tempered to ensure ultimate performance and maximum durability. During final tempering, they are coated with a specially formulated hard, but flexible finish. This is a high technology coating and its self-lubricating multislip properties eliminates the need for conventional spring lubrication.

Titan XS Mainspring Diana Model 25 & Diana Model 5 Pistol.



Length: 235mm

O.D.: 18.75mm

I.D: 12.75


This mainspring fits the following models:

Baikal Small Rifles (IJ38 Etc.)

Cometa 50

Diana Model 5

Diana Model 25

Milbro G36

Slavia 620

Webley Air Wolf

Webley Sport