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Sig Sauer P365 ASP Magazine (SIG-AC-011)

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Pick up a spare magazine or two for your Sig Sauer P365 ASP and enjoy enhanced realism during tactical training sessions or just to decrease the amount of reloading you have to do between shot strings.

These full-metal, drop-free magazines hold 12 shots, plus the pistol's 12-gram CO2-cartridge power source.


Tech Tip: If your CO2 cartridge is partially pierced, you may experience low velocity and weakened blowback.  To resolve this, we recommend backing off the tightening screw in the bottom of the magazine slightly (about 1/4 turn) once you initially pierce it. Then simply tighten the screw back down, this should aid in fully piercing the CO2 cartridge. 

  • CO2 BB pistol metal magazine
  • Fits SIG Sauer P365 CO2 BB pistol 
  • 12-round capacity
  • Also houses 12-gram CO2 cartridge