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Second Zero 4.3 MOA Rail Mount (2218609)(AXN-AC-006)

Compensates for a 4.3MOA drop extending POI to 330 yards based on an average of the most popular sold rifle rounds. Great choice for shooters that have access to 300 yard ranges.

  • Instantly switch from 100 to 330 yard zero (4.3 M.O.A. Shift)
  • Compatible with Aimpoints, red dot sights, EOTechs, scopes, and iron sights
  • Your optic function normally when Second Zero® is disengaged (flipped down)

The Axeon® Second Zero® is a precision optical device that gives any rifle shooter an instant additional zero distance whether in a hunting or tactical application. It’s an aiming device used in conjunction with your shooting optics and works with all optical sights. The patented Second Zero®, is a prism driven optical device configured to bend light at a precise minute of angle to achieve a “second zero” downrange. It will revolutionize the way you achieve accuracy at long distances. The device simply mounts on the Picatinny rail forward of a traditional scope, red dot, ACOG, or other optic. Your optics function normally when the Second Zero® is not being used. When engaged, the prisms of the Second Zero® shifts the image to compensate for bullet drop. Simply place the crosshairs on the target just as you would at 100 yards and your Second Zero® provides you a "second" zero.

  • Weighs just .4375 lbs (7 ounces)
  • Tough aluminum housing
  • Quick attach/detach to Picatinny/Weaver rails
  • Orientation does not matter
  • Distance from optic does not matter