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Reinforced Clamp-on Bipod, 6.2"-6.7" (TL-BP18S-A)(LEP-AC-028)

The Leapers UTG 10in Clamp On Bipod TL-BP08S-A has been designed to be the perfect way to provide yourself with a completely stable surface on which to shoot. The Leapers UTG Reinforced Clamp-On Rifle Bipod is made with a user friendly, steel reinforced Monster Clamp-On Mounting Deck that will mount perfectly to your weapon. The innovative adjustment wheel on the Leapers Clamp-On UTG Bipod has been designed for a wide range of barrel sizes from .43in to .74in. For a great way to give yourself the perfect shooting experience, choose the Leapers UTG 10in Reinforced Clamp On Bipod.

Specifications for Leapers Under the Gun Clamp-On Bipod:

Panning: No
Posi-lock: Yes
Extendable Legs: Yes
Foldable Arms: Yes
Swivel Stud Mount: No
Picatinny Mount: No
Reversible Arms-Folding: No
Stand: Rubberized Stand
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 10.3 oz

Features of Leapers UTG Bipod:

  • Robust Steel Components Provide Rock Solid Mounting and Durability
  • User Friendly Steel Reinforced Monster Clamp-On Mounting Deck
  • High Tech Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Innovative Adjustment Wheel for Wide Range of Barrel Sizes from 0.43" to 0.74"
  • Fully Adjustable Legs Provide Center Height from 8.7" to 10.2"
  • Sturdy Folding Legs with Unique Posi-Lock Mechanism to Prevent Tipping
  • Rubberized Comfort Stand Feet