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P08 Black - Blow Back BB 300 FPS (2251803) (LEG-AP-003)

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As originally seen on American Airgunner TV in its non-blowback form, the Legend's P.08 was mentioned by Tom Gaylord at the 2013 SHOT Show as one of the most sought after airguns offered by Umarex in 2013. This version adds blowback action to give the most authentic experience possible. This famous German replica is powered by CO2 and is made of mostly metal parts to give it its realistic weight. With a double action trigger you can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger or until your 21-round magazine runs out of BBs.

.177 Caliber BB @ 300 FPS CO2 - Single action
Barrel Length: 4.6" Total Length: 8.5"
Capacity: 21 Action: Double Repeater
Power: CO2 Trigger Action: Double