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Optical Dynamics 40mm Illuminator (2218800) (ODY-AC-001)

Optical Dynamics 40mm Illuminator Kit

  • Collimated LED Illuminator
  • Beam peak intensity: 11, candelas
  • Long Distance up to 235 yards
  • Scope and firearm mountable
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum 
  • Low-heat output
  • 13.7 oz with battery
  • 100 minutes of battery
  • Dustproof, IPX6 Rated
  • Impact resistant
  • No Dark Spots
  • No Splash Back
  • Includes red and green filters

The Optical Dynamics 40mm Illuminator Kit can light up your darkest nights.  Featuring a patented Collimated Amplified Lens System (CALS) the Illuminator focuses a stunningly clear circle of harmonized light that illuminates your target and not the surrounding area.  Powered by XLAMP XM-LC-U3-LED 720 Lumens, your target stays lit without bouncing light back toward you or bleeding into the surroundings.