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NXG APX Multi Pump 490FPS (UMX-AR-010)

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Umarex has cleverly designed their NXG APX air rifle so it avoids the loading issue many other multi-pump dual-ammo guns have: Jamming when used with pellets because of the EZ-Load pellet ramp. Now, you can load the ammo of your choice and be assured of flawless loading and shooting.

Airgun writer Tom Gaylord (The Godfather of Airguns) considers multi-pump rifles to be one of the best ways to introduce men, women and children to the shooting sports. Many guns require more effort to cock than some shooters can exert. With a multi-pump, the gun accommodates the shooter. It's an ideal format for a good shooting experience. It also slows things down for a new person, as a rapid-fire gun isn't a good first experience.

There are several good reasons to get the Umarex NXG APX airgun:

  1. Safe-T-Matic auto-safety that puts the gun on safe every time it's pumped and can avoid misfires common to new shooters.
  2. EZ-Load pellet ramp for flawless loading every time.
  3. Ergonomic stock design accommodates right- and left-handed shooters.
  4. Lightweight scope that can be introduced once the shooter has learned to use the open sights.
  5. Impact-resistant gun stock -- which is handy when you have young shooters who may not be as careful or as adept at handling guns.
 Umarex NXG APX air rifle Multi-pump pneumatic
Ambidextrous synthetic thumbhole stock 14.25" length of pull
Rubberized, textured dual raised cheekpieces Impact-resistant stock
75rd BB repeater and single-shot pellet gun Includes 4x15 scope and rings