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Leather Piston Washer 1" Part No. WASH1

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Leather Piston Washer Assembly 1"

Leather Outer

Leather Inner

Dished Washer


90% of guns that have a leather piston washer will either be 1" or 1/10" Diameter.

This assembly comes complete with a 2BA retaining screw.

For 1/10" Washer Assembly See: WASH110


This spare fits the following models:

ASI Apache

ASI Centre Pistol

ASI Rangemaster

ASI Sniper


Also fits:

Diana G80

Diana Model 25

Diana Model 27


Also fits:

Gecado G80

Gecado Model 25

Gecado Model 27


Also fits:

Haenel 302


Also fits:

Midland Gun Company


Also fits:

Milbro G80

Milbro Model 25

Milbro Model 27


Also fits: 

Original G80

Original Model 25

Original Model 27


Also fits:


Also fits:

Webley Falcon 

Weihrauch HW55