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EC-3000 Extended Service Kit (Z3000-530)(HIL-AC-044)

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EC-3000 Extended Service Kit

This service kit is designed to cover everything you should need to perform the first 2 services on your EC-3000 compressor, these should be at 50 and 100 hours run time respectively.

The kit includes:
1 x 15g Tube of Hill Silicone Grease
2 x 50ml Hill Crank Oil
2 x 100ml Hill Silicone Oil
2 x Inlet Filter
4 x Burst Disk
6 x Bonded Seal
2 x Stage 3 Piston Seal
2 x Guide Ring
2 x Shim Valve
2 x Stage 3 Bullet Valve
2 x Bleed Screw Seal
1 x 1st Stage Piston Seal
1 x 2nd Stage Piston Seal
1 x Piston Shaft Seal
1 x Final Stage Gasket
2 x Spring Valves
4 x Peak shuttle valve
1 x Valve tool
2 x Shim valve box