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Diabolo Exact Test .177 (JSB-PL-109)

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Diabolo Exact Test

Characteristics: Do you have a new air gun and you don't know which type and diameter to choose? We have prepared a Test Kit just for you, which contains 7 variants of pellets, so that you can test them and then choose the right one!

Ammunition is tested by firing at 45 meters. The desired result of 5 targets after 5 shots is an average central scatter of up to 12 mm.

The package contains 50 pellets  from each of the following types:

  • Diabolo Exact 0.547g 4.50mm
  • Diabolo Exact 0.547g 4.51mm
  • Diabolo Exact 0.547g 4.52mm
  • Diabolo Exact RS 0.475g 4.52mm
  • Diabolo Exact Monster 0.870g 4.52mm
  • Diabolo Exact Express 0.510g 4.52mm
  • Diabolo Exact Heavy 0.670g 4.52mm

The whole package contains 350 pieces of pellets.