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Crosman Fortify .177 BB 330FPS (CR45)(CRS-AP-070)

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The Crosman Fortify features a classic revolver look with black and white color styling. This pistol is spring fed for easy loading and higher shot counts, it holds 18 rounds and features a functional hammer. The Fortify is powered by CO2 and shoots BBs up to a blistering 330 fps. Those tin cans and spinning targets have been taunting you from the backyard. Take matters into your own hands with the Fortify air pistol! Welcome to air power.



  • CO2 powered, BB air pistol
  • Classic revolver look with black and white color styling
  • Spring fed, single-shot action delivers BB speeds up to 330 fps
  • Fixed blade front sight and notched rear sight
  • Functional hammer allows for fanning