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Crosman 362 Multi-Pump Pellet Rifle Limited Edition .22 850fps (C2023)(CRS-AR-105)

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In commemoration of the Crosman centennial, they are releasing a special limited edition 362 for those who want to own a piece of history.

This versatile single shot, bolt-action air rifle is one of our favorites and a fresh take on the classic variable pump platform. With its handsome Turkish walnut stock, it’s perfect for skill advancement, small game hunting, critter control — and showing off your devotion to air-powered awesomeness.

Each made-in-the-USA 100 Year Edition 362 is part of a limited run of 2,023 and each rifle is inscribed with a unique number in the production series.


  • Compact and transitional single shot, variable pump-controlled hunting rifle
  • Durable, and rugged water-resistant synthetic frame with easy pumping effort
  • Delivers .22 caliber pellets downrange up to 875 fps
  • Fully adjustable rear sight to stay on target
  • Ideal for those transitioning into small game hunting
  • Ideal for those who want to own a piece of history

Crosman 362 Multi-Pump Pellet Rifle

  • Variable-pump power
  • .22 caliber
  • Single shot
  • Bolt action
  • Rifled barrel
  • Synthetic all-weather stock with texturing
  • Textured grip
  • Max. velocity: 850 FPS (alloy pellets)/700 FPS (lead pellets)
  • Fixed blade front sight
  • Peep/open adjustable rear sight
  • Ridged rubber buttpad

The Crosman 362 Multi-Pump Pellet Rifle is the next step in the evolution of Crosman's classic and reliable variable-pump platform. The single-shot, bolt-action air rifle provides velocities up to 850 FPS (with alloy pellets) to deliver the necessary speed and accuracy for small-game hunting, pest control, or plinking.

The fact that this air rifle includes a multi-pump feature means that the shooter is capable of changing the power level of this airgun based on the number of times it is pumped, up to the manufacturer's maximum recommended number of pumps. With this ability, shooters are able to vary the power of each shot to suit a specific need based on the type of shooting they want to do.

The Crosman 362 Multi-Pump uses a fixed blade front sight and an adjustable rear peep sight that can convert to an open sight, and both of these combine to result in improved shot accuracy. The synthetic all-weather stock on this air rifle includes texturing for an improved hold and easier pumping, and it features a textured grip for increased stability, in addition to a ridged rubber buttpad for greater control.