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Sportsmatch High 30mm weaver extended mounts (HETO68C)(SPM-MN-046)

Sportsmatch mounts will perfect your accuracy by ensuring a truly solid grip between your rifle and scope. This is assured even in most severe conditions - your point of impact will remain fixed.
These mounts are manufactured in Great Britain, using the highest quality precision engineered Aircraft materials and are trusted by a wide variety of shooters, from members of the Military Special Forces to Champion Target Shooters.

  • Two piece double screw extended scope mounts.
  • The long front mount (46mm) gives 25mm extension to scope mounting points.
  • Suits all Weaver / Picatinny rails. 
  • Includes square section high tensile arrestor bolt.
  • 30mm scope ring
  • Fits lens diameters up to 56mm
  • Weight 138g
    • A: 21mm
    • B: 21/46mm