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Sportsmatch High 30mm weaver mounts (ATP90)(SPM-MN-048)

Sportsmatch mounts will perfect your accuracy by ensuring a truly solid grip between your rifle and scope. This is assured even in most sever conditions - your point of impact will remain fixed.
These mounts are manufactured in Great Britain, using the highest quality precision engineered Aircraft materials and are trusted by a wide variety of shooters, from members of the Military Special Forces to Champion Target Shooters.

Locking screws include an anti vibration coating which locate onto a hardened steel spigot to ensure no loss of zero. Up to 65 MOA vertical adjustment.

Supplied in their familiar orange blister pack, along with the appropriate Allen keys, they are a comprehensive design to get everything set up and zeroed, primarily using just the mounts, with final correction done with the turrets.

If you do intend on this route, the scope must first be centred.

Simply wind each turret to the end of its travel, then count how many revolutions there are, and set each one to the midpoint. 

    • A: 26.5mm – 29mm
    • B: 21mm
    • Weight: 140g