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Gamo PT-85 .177 450FPS (GAM-AP-013)

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The Gamo PT-85 is a CO2 pellet pistol with a completely unique design. It features a lightweight polymer frame with a lower weaver/picatinny rail to attach tactical accessories. The rifled steel barrel, smooth single/double action trigger, and white dot sights allow for sharp shooting accuracy. The PT-85 has a powerful blowback system that provides realistic cycling of the slide with every shot for added realism. The unique double sided stick magazine holds two 8rd rotary dials—when one side runs empty, flip it around and keep shooting!

.177 Caliber BB @ 450 FPS Powerplant: 12G CO2
Sights: Blade front and fixed open rear sight Rail: None
Weight: 1.7LBS
Length: 7.8"