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BSA trigger spring Part No. 165639

Regular price $3.99

BSA trigger spring


This spare fits the following models:

Meteor Mk 6

Meteor Mk 7



Also fits:

Gamo Mod 400

Gamo Mod 500

Gamo Mod 610

Gamo Big Cat

Gamo Cadet 2001

Gamo Carbine Sport

Gamo CF-20

Gamo CF-30

Gamo CF-Diopter

Gamo CFX

Gamo CFX Royal

Gamo Comet

Gamo CSI

Gamo CSI Camo

Gamo CF20 & CF30

Gamo Deltamatic

Gamo Expo-26

Gamo Hunter 220

Gamo Hunter 440

Gamo Hunter 440 AL

Gamo Hunter 440 RUM

Gamo Hunter 440 WT

Gamo Hunter 880

Gamo Hunter 890

Gamo Hunter Elite

Gamo Hunter Pro

Gamo Hunter Realtree

Gamo Hunter Realtree 6.35 (.25)

Gamo Hunter Sport

Gamo Maxima Express

Gamo Nitro 17

Gamo Shadow 640

Gamo Shadow 1000

Gamo Shadow 1000 Vampir

Gamo Shadow 1000 Whisper

Gamo Shadow BZ-30

Gamo Shadow CSI

Gamo Shadow Fox

Gamo Shadow RSV

Gamo Shadow Sport

Gamo Shadow Supreme

Gamo Silver Shadow 1000

Gamo Silver Shadow Supreme

Gamo Sporter 500

Gamo Stutzen

Gamo Varmint

Gamo Varmint Stalker

Gamo Viper 

Gamo Viper Desert

Gamo Viper Express

Gamo Viperskeet

Gamo Whisper

Gamo Whisper X

Gamo Whisper VH

Gamo Young Hunter