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Benjamin Traveler Compressor (BTCDG) (BNS-AC-026)

  • The Benjamin Traveler 4500 PSI Portable Compressor with Digital Gauge has updated features and performance compared to prior versions while retaining and improving on its reputation for lightweight and portable reliability. It can fill modern powerful airguns at fill pressures up to 4,500 PSI and it serves as a convenient replacement for hand pumps and bottles which take longer to use or provide limited capacity.

    This upgraded model includes a digital gauge for setting the desired fill pressure and viewing the current pressure instead of the analog dial used on the older version. Combined with the auto-stop feature that allows the user to set a pressure and have the unit stop when the pressure is reached, it means this compressor is faster and simpler than ever before.

    The Benjamin Traveler 4500 PSI Portable Compressor has an onboard converter for 110V AC and 12V DC without needing a separate converter unit. It includes cables with clamps for 12V power sources, meaning this compressor can be used in the field as long as there is access to a vehicle such as a truck, ATV, or riding lawn mower.

    The compressor comes with a high pressure hose with a cotton filter and includes safety features such as low voltage protection to ensure continued trouble-free use. 

    Benjamin Traveler 4500 PSI Portable Compressor, Digital Gauge

    • Max. fill pressure: 4,500 PSI
    • 110V AC or 12V DC
    • Includes cables with clamps for 12V hookup
    • For airgun cylinders (0.6L or less)
    • Automatic set pressure shutoff
    • Digital gauge
    • High pressure hose with cotton filter
    • Low voltage protection
    • Dimensions: 11" H x 12.5" L x 7.25" W
    • Weight: 19.6 lbs.

    Fill times*:

    • Benjamin Armada/Marauder, 0-3,000 PSI: 5 minutes

    * - Fill times could be affected by conditions such as temperature and altitude.