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Axeon 7XRGB20 (2218676)(AXN-DS-009)

Compact red dot optics are very popular for the modern sporting rifle platform for good reason-- they offer a fast, intuitive aiming solution that works in any lighting condition. This is why the Axeon Optics 7xRGB20 dot sight fills that bill so well. This AAA battery-powered dot sight offers three reticle color choices, red, green, or blue along with 7 brightness levels for each color. With a 20mm objective and ocular lens, this compact model installs on a standard Picatinny rail and securely locks down with a single slotted hex nut.

  • Compact Red Dot Sight
  • Powered by (1) AAA Battery
  • 7 Brightness Levels
  • 1 MOA Click Values
  • 250 Hour Run Time
  • 5 MOA Dot Size
  • 20mm Objective Lens