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Air Venturi Steel BBs .177 (AVN-PL-001)

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  • .177 caliber
  • 5.1 grains
  • Zinc-plated steel BBs
  • 2,500 count

BB manufacturers learned decades ago that they need to plate steel BBs with another metal to prevent them from rusting. Most used zinc or copper plating.

Air Venturi BBs are plated with zinc, but they have an even, thick and solid surface without gaps or breaks to prevent rust from forming.

Humidity affects the coating on your steel BBs unless it's thick, solid and doesn't allow moisture to penetrate. In most cases, your BBs were originally imported from overseas (and spent considerable time on a ship with humid, salty air) or spent many months in a warehouse waiting to be shipped. As the BBs sit, humidity works its way into the steel part and degrades your ammo.

Take a look at the first detail image with 4 trays of BBs to see what Air Venturi BBs look like after being exposed to water for 7 days. Compare that to plated BBs from the other manufacturers, which show some serious degradation after just one week!

Look at the second detail image with 4 trays of BBs, which is what the BBs look like after 60 days of exposure to water. Notice that all but one have noticeable rust. Only the Air Venturi BBs are rust-free and still useable.

By using Air Venturi BBs, you won't have use up your BBs within a short period of time. You can store them without worrying that they'll be useless when you need them. You won't waste money on ammo that has to be thrown out within weeks or even days of arriving.

Air Venturi BBs -- they're made to higher specs so you don't waste money!