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Adult Red Ryder BB 350FPS (DSY-AR-029)

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Featuring the same 650-BB reservoir, spring-piston powerplant and lever action as the original 1938 youth rifle, this model adds some length to the stock and a little more heft to the whole package so as to be better suited to adult shooters. The adult version weighs in at 2.95 lbs., vs. the original version's 2.2 lbs. Its longer stock increases the length of pull from 13.5" in the original Red Ryder to 15". This bigger Red Ryder makes the ideal companion to the original. What better way to introduce a young shooter to the hobby while revisiting your own youth at the same time!

Adult Red Ryder BB 350FPS   Spring-Piston Powerplant
650- Shot BB Reservoir Wooden stock & Forearm
Lever action Repeater Open sights
Length: 36.75"  Weight: 2.0 KG