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.22 RWS Shooters Kit (2201124)(RWS-MA-002)

To ensure a lifetime of performance and reliability, basic care is recommended for your air rifles and air pistols. Oiling of springs, joints and metals keep them in tip-top condition. Keeping the bore of your air rifle in good condition is key to accuracy. The .22 caliber RWS Shooter's Kit provides everything you need to keep your air guns in top working order. The lubricants, oils, and cleaning materials made by RWS are the ones used by Umarex USA's own gunsmiths.

This .22 RWS Airgun Kit is packed full of great value! It includes:

  • 500 RWS Superdome Pellets
  • 10 sighting in targets
  • 25 RWS .22 caliber cleaning pellets
  • .22 caliber cleaning rod
  • RWS Spring Cylinder Oil
  • RWS Chamber Lube
  • Jag
  • Brush
  • Applicator needle for oils