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Scope Alignment / Sight-In 9"X12" Paper Shooting Targets - 12 Pack (3331) (TMP-TR-001)

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Align your rifle or pistol scope by easily locking-in on the center point. 1" grid for making accurate optics adjustments. Made in the U.S.A. Thompson's SCOPE targets with unique angular design enable you to register the crosshairs within the target and accurately lock-in on the center point. Most other targets force you to block the center point with the crosshairs, defeating the purpose. This progressive SIGHT-SEERS target has a bright, highly visible center point for precise registration whether you're using a 2-power or 20-power scope at 50 yards or 300 yards. Bright red and white target includes 1" grid. Recommended for distances of 50 to 150 yards.