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Diana LP8 Magnum .177 495FPS (DIA-AP-053)

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With its smooth spring-piston powerplant, the Diana LP8 Magnum Tactical Carbine brings quality performance to your plinking sessions.

The LP8 Magnum has been a proven performer for Diana, crafted with the fit and finish you can expect from nearly any airgun leaving German factories.  Although the pistol has a large frame, the grip itself is highly ergonomic and textured for a very secure grip. 

The Tactical variant includes a fixed rear stock that really aids in placing more accurate shots by reducing the amount of movement and creating a stable shooting platform.  Atop the integrated 11mm Dovetail sits the included red-dot sight. Each includes a cocking assist that really helps to get the leverage to cock the breakbarrel.

The LP8 Magnum Tactical brings stability and precision to small game hunting and hard-hitting target shooting, don’t be without it for your next shooting session!

.177 @ 495 FPS Spring Piston
Break barrel Single shot
Ambidextrous grip & operation Muzzlebrake for greater cocking leverage
11mm scope rail Comes with fixed buttstock, red dot, and hard case