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CZ 200 S .177 788FPS (SLA-AR-003)

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CZ 200 PCP air rifles are based on a modular conception of design. These guns incorporate compact action/breech system with fixed or detachable air reservoir, featuring high accuracy potential, consistence of velocities, and minimum of felt recoil. Thanks to these properties they will be appreciated by a wide spectrum of shooters. The CZ 200 S version, made in caliber .177 Caliber, can be used for sporting as well as for pest control purposes (if allowed) as it's muzzle energy can be set up to 16 Joule. No sights include, designed for scopes only.

.177 Caliber @ 788 FPS Pre-charged - Bolt action
Barrel length: 485 mm Overall length: 928 mm
Weight 3.0 kg