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634 .177 785FPS (SLA-AR-004)

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The Slavia 634 spring-piston air rifle with break-barrel cocking is designed for leisure time activities, basic sport shooting, or pest control. Except for the increased velocity inherent in this version all other properties of the Slavia 631 Lux in basic version are retained. Includes a barrel in the closed position is pull bar latched. Automatic safety preventing unintentional discharge. Adjustable trigger pull. All-steel sights adjustable for elevation and windage, tunnel front sight. Receiver tube provided with dovetail grooves for mounting a scope. Quality beech wood stock fitted with a low rubber buttplate.

.177 Caliber @ 785 FPS Break barrel spring piston
Stock: beech Trigger mechanism: adjustable
Sights: adjustable Overall length: 1080mm
Barrel length: 450mm Weight: 3 kg
Barrel: broached