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.22 Caliber Quick Cleaning Pellets (BEM-MA-006)

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Here's the easiest way to clean an airgun barrel. Just pop these cylindrical, precision cut, heavy felt pellets into the breech of any kind of airgun, and fire them like regular pellets. The felt expands to wipe rifling detail clean in seconds. Great for emergency clean-ups in the field or between times when you use a cleaning rod. International match shooters squeeze the last bit of accuracy from their guns by cleaning their barrels with QCP's before a match. Great for applying solvent or oil to barrels. Just squeeze a drop of cleaner/degreaser or light polarizing oil onto the felt and shoot. Imaginative airgunners have suggested many other uses, such as pest chasing, applying ink to show impact point in snap shooting practices, etc. CAUTION: These pellets may produce pain, or even injury, at extremely close ranges.